View Full Version : Odd jam with Benelli Montefeltro

January 4, 2011, 05:55 AM
I was shooting skeet in a tournament this past sunday in the rain when I had one jam. It seems like a fail to feed, but it's odd because the shell somehow gets cut open on the side of the carrier and it wedged itself pretty good. I've had this happen 3-4times in the 4000rnds I've put through, I can't really explain how it happens because I usually just clear the jam and move on. I know it isn't a matter of load strength, it even cycles the 7/8oz RIO shells:cool:, I've only had the jams with Federal Promotional ammo (even then, it probably isn't ammo related). Right now I'm pointing fingers at the carrier latch spring, this seems to be why some other problem benellis were jamming, but I'm blamming it without even understanding its function. What does a carrier latch spring do? Is it easy to replace? I might just replace it and keep going.