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January 1, 2011, 08:54 AM
any roller shooters out there?

looking at maybe getting a remington.

do these rems suffer from action fouling like the sharps rifles?

a little reading educated me that the remington was considered the buffalo rifle. though producted in large numbers most went to over seas contracts with the rest filling the domestic market.

any feed back is appreciated..........


January 1, 2011, 09:22 AM
Never had one, always wanted one. BTW it's rolling block not roller block.

January 1, 2011, 10:23 AM
yeah i know just cut it short...thanx though


January 1, 2011, 11:54 AM
I have a reissued Remington rolling block in .45-70. (probably actually made by Uberti, I guess)

I haven't shot a lot of black powder loads through it but the only fouling issue was chamber fouling, which can make it hard to close the breech block enough to let the hammer drop. A wet patch pushed through the bore fixes it.

January 2, 2011, 02:17 AM
Used to have one of the military carbines in 50-70. Never had any issues with it and shot it a lot. Mostly used smokless loads though I did shot BP in it from time to time. BP I tended to load duplex loads so it never had much of a fouling issue.

Jim Watson
January 2, 2011, 02:32 AM
action fouling like the sharps rifles?

What "action fouling" is that?

True, most of the BPCR shooters I know blowtube between shots, the rest wipe, but they don't get enough fouling in the action to matter. I've seen the lockplate pulled off a Shiloh and no fouling at all in the works.

Rolling blocks do ok in similar use, as do all the other old designs.

January 2, 2011, 12:28 PM
the paper cutter sharps 1858-1863.... used linen / paper cartridges.
the repos are shot with loose powder and ball.
the repos tend to allow gas fouling into the action of the drop breech block.
after 6-7 shots actions get stiff and need cleaning.

i enquired from a local CAS shop if the cartridge sharps did the same he just said "it is good to wipe them out after 6-7 shots."

i have read about this issue and an "O" ring repair that is supposed to limit fouling. also an insert of some sort that fits into the chamber.

all modern repos from american to italian were said to suffer from this problem.

not bad mouthing sharps or the companies....just trying to sort out which rifle to buy...and what will fit the period portrayed 1866-1875.

seems the remington rolling block or the later conversion sharps will do the trick.:)
here's a thread from the shilo sharpes forum:

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O-ring mod. = bobby hoyt, Charlie Hahn, and a few others. But i forget there names
go to the N-SSA board and ask. They Will know the otheres.
I can give you Bobbys phone # and charlies Email address if you want them.
I think for 20$ the O-ring would be the way to go. ( local machinest can do it) its a mater of geting a o-ring that will fit then have the machinest take 1/3 of the thickness of the o-ring off the back of the plate where it slides into the block.
other option is to carry a spray bottel of water and give it a spray when it gets tight.
for me the best part of shooting the 59's 63's is the paper or charlies Hahns tubes.
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January 5, 2011, 03:33 PM
I shoot rolling blocks a lot. The scandinavian versions. Just like the Remington besides the cartridge. Ours is called 12.17x44. Very close to the 50-70.

I use blackpowder only. 70 grs. If you want accuracy at 100 yds you`ll notice that keeping the fouling under control is very important. A blowtube to keep the fouling soft through out the bore is a must do. However, if the weather conditions are right you might not need to. A day of high moisture does it for you. A hot sunny day is not ideal.

Reducing the amount of powder and filling the space with some kind of filler is an option to reduce fouling. A grease wad over the powder is a trick too....

If you realy want accuracy with an old timer I would go for the Springfield trapdoor. Awsome rifle...