View Full Version : Iver johnson restoration , need some opinions

December 28, 2010, 04:50 PM
Ok I have gotten another .38 iver johnson hammerless top break pistol . And of course it looks like a archaeological find . All of the original nickel is gone but not really pitted too bad , I tore it down 100% and shoved it into the blast cabinet which has 80 grit :barf: i know i know . This is not my first refinish but Im looking for a way to polish it out better other than spending the next week of my life with wet1k grit paper. would a tumbler work ? if so would it wear out the the important parts more so than they are now? I just finished a 357 ruger security six and 32-20 spanish revolver and both turned out very nice . Another issue is around the firing pin is pitted very bad and the lock up dimple is worn , could i not weld in the pits and the worn dimpel a bit then finish it down again ? Sounds like a lot of work for a 100.00 gun BUT it was my great grandmothers and i want it almost functional if not fully . I dont like wall hangers and a empty or broken gun is of no use to me . sorry the pic is a bit fuzzy http://i55.tinypic.com/25t9i69.jpg