View Full Version : need rifle cleaning advise

December 26, 2010, 12:34 PM
some of you may remember that I bought a 1990 Browning A-Bolt that had previously been sitting in someone's gun safe unused. I want to clean the rifle but I was specifically curious about how to clean the bolt and the inside of the detachable magazine. I ask because both the bolt and the inside of the magazine are made of what I assume to be steel. because my A-Bolt had been sitting in a safe unused for the last 20 yrs it has developed a dull lustre. I want to bring out the shine again and was wondering if I should just use a standard metal cleaner or do I have to use a specially formulated gun cleaner? any ideas?

December 26, 2010, 06:31 PM
1. Use a piece of soft cotton cloth & a dab or flitz or maas metal polish and clean a small section at a time. Do not allow the polish to dry. Note: These products will not harm the blued finish on your rifle. Do this on the outside, inside, & in the barrel bore.

2. Use another clean rag & apply dabs of "mother's or meguire's" liquid clear coat carnuba auto wax, jus as you would on your car. Let the was try completely to a haze & buff off with a clean seciion of the rag.

You are not going to believe the shine of the metal finish, plus the long-term protection for your firearm is well worth the effort.