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December 23, 2010, 11:47 AM
Hello all, been checking out the forums for a while (very nice btw, lots of good info!) And I have arrived at a crossroads.......

I am wanting a new stock for my rife, which is a Savage 10FP with an accutrigger, it is decorated with an EGW one piece base (0 moa) SWFA Medium rings (love these!) And a Millett TRS-1 4-16x50 up top.

I am currently in love with the Choate Varmint/sniper series. Moreso the Varmint series, due to it being black (Picky I know....I could paint the sniper, descisions descisions) HOWEVER, I am reading a lot that it will not fit if the receiver has the bolt release in the trigger guard - mine does :( Anyone know of an option, with the same "style" of those series?

I was going to order one, and send it to SSS to cut me a magwell in, so I could use my stock 4 rd detachable mag, and possibly purchase a 10rd, but then I saw the "This will NOT fit if the bolt release is in the trigger guard"....Also, if I don't send it somewhere to get it to accept my detachable mag, would it be a single shot only? or would they feed in a few rounds fromt he top, with the bolt open?

Any help for a new guy? I feel like i've searched the internet until that page that says "You have reached the end of the internet" pops up.



December 23, 2010, 12:56 PM
Did you ask why? I'd find out if the stock just needs to be opend a little in the trigger guard area or not. I can't imagine that it wouldn't just take a minor alteration to fix the problem. However I can see Choate not doing it since this would mean modifying an existing mould and that gets to be expensive.

I'd look at other stock options as well. Check out Bell & Carlsons Medalist A2 (http://www.stockysstocks.com/servlet/the-110/Bell-Carlson-tactical-700/Detail)tactical stock. Houge builds a stock with either just pillar bedding or full lengh aluminim block bedding and it is designed to intechange with either the old stagger feed or the new centerfeed. As far as working with the new bolt release you'll have to call.

December 23, 2010, 01:15 PM
Thanks, I've fired off a few emails, and I get the same response when I list that it is an accutrigger model with the bolt release in the trigger guard. They say "Sorry, we don't have any stocks that will fit that model" I'll have to ask why it wouldn't fit. Figured someone here might know as well. Good reason to join and interact a little bit :)

I have checked out a few B&C stocks, I just like the way the Choate looks. I know they B&C will be similar to the stock that is on it now...more of an "over/under" feel to it. I'd prefer the Choate I believe.

I went down to my local gunsmith/storefront, and they were extremely covered up, and only had 2 girls working. I'll swing back by tomorrow. See if they could make it work, as it didn't show any notes for that stock on my Savage for the bolt release, or accutrigger. I'll have to ask the owner when he's there

edit: Just sent an email off to Brownell's, maybe they can she some light.

December 23, 2010, 03:43 PM
Be sure to check out Stockade Gun Stocks. They specialize in Savage, and the quality is first rate.


December 24, 2010, 09:39 AM
Part of the problem may be that there are apparently 2 versions of the 10 FP.

Mine has an internal magazine with no trap door release so there are no release buttons on the trigger guard. I suspect that is the model that the Choate stock you were investigating is designed for.

My friend's 10 FP has a magazine and a trigger guard magazine release and is probably like yours.

One might be a later version in the production run.

December 24, 2010, 10:50 AM
Yes, Mine has the detachable mag, and the botl release is in the trigger guard.

Apparently, no one knows "why" it's different, or what I would need to do to make it work. This model has been out long enough....I wonder why there's not a "drop in" replacement??

December 24, 2010, 11:14 AM
I wonder why there's not a "drop in" replacement??

Quite simply because the model hasn't been out long enough. I've been shooting Savage centerfire rifles for ten years, and I've yet to fondle a model that has the bolt release in the trigger guard.

Savage has gone through some changes in the past couple of years, and all rifles go through changes from time to time. When Savage went from a staggered feed action to a centerfeed action, they made a couple of changes in the way the action beds, to include changing the spacing of the action screws.

I love Savage rifles, and between me and my sons, we own several of them. They're great rifles, but when you start ordering stocks, there are a couple of critical measurements that you have to know before you order.

As more of the new models come out and are used by shooters, the aftermarket companies will start making drop-in stocks that fit those actions.

Is that 10FP an accustock model? If so, I don't know of any company that's making drop in replacements for Accustock rifles.

December 24, 2010, 11:22 AM
No, it is a Non accustock model, but has the accutrigger.

December 24, 2010, 11:48 AM
Sounds like you might have to step up to a higher end custom stock like HS, McMillan, or Stockade. These stocks get inleted much like a wood stock and can be opened up as needed to fit your savage stocks.

Companies that use injection moulded stocks can't invest in a new mould every time Savage comes out with a new change. That is why you'll have a hard time getting a lot of choices in the centerfeed stocks right now from companies like B&C and Choate. I know I've been running into the same problems while lookin for a stock for a .243 varmint rig I want to build.

December 24, 2010, 11:52 AM
Yeah I know the other style stocks will fit, but I like the looks of the Choate Varmint, a lot. Feels better to me.........

Thanks for all the replies so far!

December 24, 2010, 04:55 PM
Sell your savage and buy one already in the Choate Varmint stock.

Or find someone to swap with, seems the easy route.

As far as I know all Choate stocks are blind magazine, so your would lose the functionality of your detachable box mag.