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Deja vu
December 22, 2010, 11:40 PM
I am inheriting an old $200.00 shot gun. It is chambered for 2 3/4 inch shells. I am wondering if it is possible to have a gun smith chamber it for 3 inch and if so what the process is called and how much I can expect it to cost. The gun has some sentimental value and I really want to take it hunting to "honor" the former owner (a good friend of mine)

The reason I am thinking about having this done is I like shooting the Dixie triball ammo for deer in Alabama and Dixie does not make any that are shorter than 3 inch.

is what I am asking even possible and if it is what is the process called?

*edited to say this is for a Double Barrel shotgun.

December 23, 2010, 12:31 AM
It can be done and the process is called re-chambering. All you need is a gunsmith with the appropriate chamber reamer. Before it's done, the feasibility should be evaluated by a competent gunsmith.

Many deer are harvested every year without Dixie 3" Triballs. Getting on good terms with an effective 2-3/4" deer load is a viable option to re-chambering.

December 23, 2010, 01:55 PM
What kind of gun is it ?

December 23, 2010, 02:30 PM
Briley Mfg in Texas, will do it for $ 75 ( subject to inspection ) and shipping, etc of course....so it would probably cost you $ 150 by the time you're done. I would certainly talk to them first - before I even considered it.

Depending on what the gun is specifically, make and model, it may not be advised ....but a competent gunsmith could evaluate it.

It is not something that should be attempted by someone or a shop that has never done it ....in my opinion.

What is the gun ??

December 23, 2010, 07:03 PM
Many older 2-3/4 double guns may not have the steel in the chamber area for lengthening. What is the brand of the gun?