View Full Version : Help with a Browning B80

December 21, 2010, 04:03 PM
Fellow Shooters,
I have two new B80s that I've given to my sons. One is a steel receiver, the other has an alloy receiver. Both have 3" barrels,and will cycle 3' shells but neither would cycle 2 3/4 " shells. I've contacted Browning and discussed this problem with 7 different individuals (2 customer service, 3 parts/repair, and 2 historians) to no avail. Only from reading "Firing Line" did I learn that B80s made before 1987 required a recoil adapter ring at the bottom of the magazine spring to cycle 2 3/4. Also from information supplied thru Fire Line, I was able to find the rings at WGP in Canada. The adapter for the alloyed receiver is thicker and once installed, it functions perfectly. The ring for the steel receiver is thin and even with it installed will not eject/cycle 2 3/4" shells. I've tried the ring made for the alloy on the steel receiver but it is also wider and protrudes out where the barrel chamber meets the receiver face. Can you help me a third time? Sorry for the long explanation.