View Full Version : 1-18 twist .45 front stuffer barrle??

Joey V.
December 17, 2010, 11:27 AM
Happy Friday all,

I am contemplating building a under hammer rifle kit from Pecatonica River Long Rifle Supply. I was going to have them make me up a 1-18 twist 30" .45 barrel to shoot heavy bullets from out to long distances just for fun. I would also like to hunt with this thing too but was wondering would it still be accurate at say 50 to 100 yards for deer / hogs? I know at woods range a 400g conical is totally not needed but that’s what I hear it shoots best.

Secondly, I hear some guys use lube and other paper patch the round for best accuracy what do you guys think of patching the round in this type of setup? I was going to use a Lee .45-405hb mold. Basically the mold drops a .45+ bullet that is 405 grains hollow base. If I patch the bullet wouldn't that make it too tight to fit right? I am new to patching but love the idea of something else to tinker with...

Lastly, Any idea on the best powder charge I hear 85 grains???


December 17, 2010, 09:47 PM
You don't want to patch a hollow base.