View Full Version : Hi-Point thread shut down last night - New Test this weekend

December 17, 2010, 10:22 AM
I started a Hi-Point thread about a shooting test I conducted last week and it lasted for four days before devolving and needing to be Closed thursday night.

I plan to conduct a second test fire this weekend and I will be trying to open a new thread based on the Test results (reliability/accuracy). I plan to report the results of firing another 90 rounds and include the results of the original test (80 rounds) - but Not any of the comments from the last thread..
I'm not trying to start another Thread so soon after one was closed for the sake of stoking flame wars.
It will address the results of a second test of how the (cheap) Pistol performs in terms of Reliability, and to a lesser extent accuracy.

There are already plenty of YouTube videos of people throwing them at targets and burying them in mud and posters saying They are Horrible - No - They are Great.
I'd like to cover what happens when a Hi-Point owner aims and squeezes the trigger.
Does the weapon fire reliably- are the bullet holes all on the target paper.

By the way - is four days of a Hi-Point thread before it has to be closed a new longevity record ?

Mal H
December 17, 2010, 11:13 AM
To answer your last question first - it just might be! :)

Proceed with your test and report. We'll keep an eye on the responses.