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December 15, 2010, 11:38 PM
I've been into all manner of shooting since I was about 8 years old, and got into a line of work that deals mostly with pistol and carbine shooting. I would still shoot as often as possible in my free time, but I found my shooting mimicking my work, and while it was enjoyable, it still felt like just that... work. Well, I think my boss realized that I was stressed out, as one Friday about a month ago he asked if I wanted to go shoot some clays on the weekend. I told him that my only shotguns weren't really right for it and he told me not to worry. We (My wife and I) showed up and the Captain opened up a tremendous safe filled with nothing but shotguns. I had done some skeet shooting as a youngster, but we were shooting trap that day at a quiet little range out by Temecula. I ran through most of his different shotguns, sticking mostly to a Urika but did pretty good with a Citori as well. My lasting impression was this: Shooting pistols every weekend as I had been doing felt like work, this felt like absolute fun. I went to several different stores remembering what had felt good and what hadn't when I was shooting, and tried out a few more. I ended up shopping online, and picked up this older Citori on gunbroker for a little under a thousand with a hard case and 8 choke tubes. I checked the serial numbers, it is a Trap model from 1985. The only mechanical defect I have found is that one of the screws inside the forend is sheared off. The stock does not adjust as the owners manual I've found online says it does (Even though the butstock has the third hole), there are two 5/64th Allen screws on the buttstock that allow adjustment of the comb height, and if you lift off the comb it allows you to move the pegs to adjust the cast. The stock looks original, I am guessing the owners manual online is just written for the newer versions.

Well, I apologize for the rambling, but here it is, and my dog managed to show her face in one of the pics. I've got a few cases of target loads waiting, and a whole lot of free weekends coming up. If any of you know someone in Southern California who can fit a stock, please let me know.





December 15, 2010, 11:57 PM
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