View Full Version : Problems firing 2nd round w/ PRP trigger kit in XDM .45ACP

December 14, 2010, 02:22 PM
Problems firing 2nd round with PRP trigger kit installed.
I installed a Powder River Precision (PRP) trigger kit. This is the kit without the sear. They have been sold of sears for some time.
Below is a list of the other kits installed.

PRP-045 PRP Ultimate Easy fit XDM Trigger Kit
PRP-017 Titanium Striker Status Indicator Kit
PRP-023 Titanium Striker Safety
DGR-XDM-4.5 Don's Guide Rods Model:XDm 9/40/45 4.5 inch
PRP-051 PRP Ejector $26.00 $26.00

I left out parts #53 and #54, The disassembler and the disassembly lever spring. This practice seems to be somewhat common.

When I test fired the pistol, it fired the first shot. It ejected the round and reset the striker as per the striker status pin. However, the 2nd round will not fire unless I pull back about 1/4" on the slide and release it. It is as if a safety mechanism is sticking.

This only happens when firing live ammunition. I can manually rack the slide and everything works fine.

Any ideas?