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December 10, 2010, 10:37 PM
On Wednesday I picked up a new Mossberg 935 from Wal-Mart. Gun looked and felt great, and I have been wanting to get into the autoloader game. I duck and turkey hunt, so I shoot the heavy shells anyway, making the 935 a good fit.
Got her home, cleaned her top to bottom (yes, a gooood scrubbing and light lubing) and got ready to go out the next day. I did notice the gas piston seemed to bind very tight in the lug/gas system of the barrel. So I started to worry.

Turns out the worry was right on. I shot two 3.5" shells to start, and though they kicked like a mule they fed and ejected fine. Put in three 3" magnum waterfowl loads. First two go off, I am smiling. Third shot - "CLICK". The piston is binding so bad the pusher assembly was not "resetting" and pushing the piston back in the lug. The bolt was having to do the work of resetting the pusher/piston, and was not returning to battery quite all the way. I shot the remaining 3.5" loads and then switched back, shooting about 10 more 3" with no luck (boom click. Reset, boom click).

Overall, I LOVE the way the gun feels. It really does shoulder and swing well. Came with a sling, 3 chokes, and shims, so I thought, "Great value, simple, solid action." Unfortunately, mine doesn't appear to be quite right.

**EDITED TO ADD - I FIXED THE MOSSBERG! Turns out the mag tube seemed to be a little tweaked/crooked to the right. I unscrewed it, checked it, reassembled, put it in the vise and VOILA! The piston slides smoothly in the extension now. I fired off half a box of 3" magnum waterfowl loads with no problems whatsoever. **

Today, with a sour taste in my mouth (and duck season starting for me next week), I head to Academy Sports. I had my eye on a Remington 870 Express "Shur-Shot" 12 gauge in 26" barrel with a standard stock, except in gray laminate. I think it's an Academy exclusive. They just got one off the truck yesterday, and and the associate opened the box. I was shocked - even though it was an Express, and even though Remington's QC has dipped to Mossbergian standards from what I hear, this gun looked good! The action was smooth, the finish was uniform, and the wood looked good (nice dark, almost camo look). The recoil pad was fitted nicely, even the trigger was good for a shotty. $269.99 later I was out the door and on my way.

I got the Remington home, cleaned her up good, and was just overall very happy with it. Everything was nicely finished, the action was tight but smooth, and everything fits and lines up just like it should. I already had several choke tubes and a sling made just for the gun, as I used to have a Super-Mag.

As I looked at my clean, handsome new shotgun, I said out loud to myself, "Why didn't I just get this to begin with and be done?"

I know I've rambled, but the moral of the story is that guns these days are a complete crapshoot. I really like the 935. It looks well designed and it's so simple it should be easy to make them work 100%, but I seemed to have gotten the lemon. The Remmy looks to be great, and I am looking forward to having it in the collection a long time.

December 10, 2010, 11:19 PM
I guess it's half-congratulations on your new shotguns. Sorry to hear your M'berg is misbehaving; but, you seem to have lucked out with the Ex. I think I have a simple solution for when after your get the 935 up and running: Mossbergs on even numbered days and Remingtons on odd.

December 10, 2010, 11:34 PM
Maybe that's it. :D

December 12, 2010, 01:18 PM
Fixed the 935. See the post above. :)