View Full Version : Base pin latch - Pietta compatible with Daly?

December 7, 2010, 12:50 PM
I posted this question over on the gunsmith forum but didn't get any responses. I'm hoping maybe someone here will know the answer.

I own a Charles Daly .45 Colt. A couple weeks ago I was shooting it and the base pin latch came apart. It appears the nut unscrewed off the long piece. I noticed it because the longer piece (the "body" I guess is the proper term) hit me on the arm. I was able to find that piece in the dirt but not the nut or the spring. Obviously without that latch, the base pin will not stay in place so I can't shoot it.

Charles Daly went out of business a year ago, so I can't call them up to order a part. I did a search and found that those pieces are very easy to come by for a Ruger Blackhawk, so I measured a couple of my Blackhawks but they were shorter and fatter than the part that I recovered in the dirt.

I found a place that has the base pin latch for a Pietta and I'm wondering if that might fit my Daly. I don't know who actually made the Charles Daly revolvers but Pietta was a guess.

Could someone who owns a Pietta, or maybe a Uberti 1873 model please measure the length and diameter of that base pin latch? The body that I recovered is 0.821" in length and the head is 0.193" in diameter. I didn't measure the small threaded part.