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December 6, 2010, 08:39 AM
I've got a Sako 75 in 7mm-08 that I absolutely love but the dang thing just won't shoot a decent group. I've used factory loads from Federal, Remington, and Winchester from 140 to 120grn. I've used handloads with Nosler BT, Sierra Matchking and currently Barnes X from 130 to 160grn and different powders but don't seem to get this rifle to group better than 1.5 at 100. I've shot a lot of different stuff through it but not a real high quantity, all told probably less than 200-250 rounds.

The barrell doesn't seem to be binding or anything. Aren't Sako rifles supposed to be accurate? The only thing that I can see that may be an issue is the Nikon Buckmasters scope riding on top which will get swapped out in the near future.

December 6, 2010, 03:43 PM
Try modulating the takedown torque on the action screw, that can make a difference as the torque is increased and the right torque zone is reached. I had enough of a problem with it on a few rifles that I bought a really fancy torque screw driver. I haven't known that many people that go beyond using what they feel is a good firm torque without over cranking. It's certainly worth trying next time you are out. Start with a nice firm amount, shoot, then simply give it another slightly increased tightening, keep doing it and shooting until it's really cranked. I've had one and a half groups drop to half an inch when they are tightened where they like to be.

Bedding and stock work is the first thing typically looked at in accurizing a given rifle, then action and barrel parameters are looked at for further refining, headspace etc.

I had a Sako .243 Forrester that had just a touch of side pressure on the barrel from the forend out by the end. A little sanding to where a dollar bill ran smoothly under the barrel was all it took to keep it from stringing groups.

December 6, 2010, 04:18 PM
I had a Browning A-bolt Micro-Medallion that wouldn't group factory loads. I worked hard and finally found a hand load that would shoot under 1" at 100. I believe I used Winchester ball powder and Sierra bullets but don't remember anymore. The 7mm-08 can be a hard one to get to group in some guns.

I'd try the suggestions above with the rifle also.