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December 1, 2010, 01:50 PM
I recently bought an "Ultra-Walnut" stock like the ones offered by Remington. Our deer season ended last Saturday, so I decided to pillar-bed my sporter-barrelled action into it. (The previous stock is a take-off Sendero stock.) I used home-made pillars from 1/2" dia. steel tubing available from Home Depot. The bedding material is Devcon.

Anyway, bedding the action and 1 1/2" up the barrel channel, then free-floating the rest of the barrel, it came out very nice. The best part is when I sighted it in yesterday and found the POI within one MOA of the prior zero!!! I figured it would be within a few MOA, but that shows the consistency of the bedding systems, especially the free-floated barrel. The Sendero had been skim-coated with Acraglas to make a perfect fit, so apparently the two systems were pretty comparable.

The Ultra-Walnut stock has two layers of carbon fiber separated by about 1/4" of wood and laid between two slabs of pretty nice walnut. It appears to be quite stable and was a bit difficult to drill for the pillars. My pillar drill is a piece of the same tubing with saw teeth cut into the end, using a cutoff disk in a Dremel.

Accuracy is very close to what the HS-Sendero offered, but the new stock is really nice-looking compared with the almost bed-liner appearance of the other stock.

Stockysstocks.com is where I picked up the Ultra-Walnut (1/3 off).

December 1, 2010, 03:50 PM
Looks like the Ultra Walnut is a rework of the Serengeti Stockworks blanks offered about a decade ago. In their process, no graphite cloth was used, the blank was cut length wise, one piece reversed, and the two halves were epoxied together under pressure. Also, back in the 1990s, Interarms offered a similar laminated stock for the Whitworth Express rifles, with a piece of maple or beech laminated in the center of the walnut blank. Whichever process is used, it produces a good stock that looks very nice and works as promised.

Great report, thanks!