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November 30, 2010, 05:10 PM
I'm not a regular to the BP section but, I've read and dabbled a bit. I need some advise. I've used Shockey's stuff, 777, and about three shots with the IMR white hots. I have a Thompsom Black Diamond and use a 250 gr sabot style bullet. Because of my breech design, Blackhorn 209 is not recommended. I would just rather stick with pellets for hunting.......I know I know loose powder weighed correctly is more consistent than the pellets. I know because I've weighed them on a RCBS powder scale. The Shockey sticks are ridiculously inconsistent. Out in the woods, it's just so easy to pop in a couple of pellets and ram down a bullet. I have also seen the new Hornady full bore bullets and they interest me. So, I have two questions:

1. Does anyone out there have a real review for the White Hots?
Good-bad-ugly? Chrono data for velocity....whatever that might help

2. Anyone tried the Hornadys yet? Results?

I am basically cheap by nature and don't want to put out 50-60 bucks to find out I bought crap.

November 30, 2010, 05:28 PM
My Black Diamond is the old model with the 22 inch barrel. It shoots just about everything i put in it really well.

Give Pyrodex powder a try. Try both Pyrodex RS granular and the pellets. Since 1999 i have killed about 35 deer and hundreds of wild hogs using mostly the Hornady 240 grain .430 XTP bullets and the 250 grain SST/Shockwave bullets.

One of my guns is sighted in for the 350 Grain Hornady FPB bullet. That bullet drops big hogs in thier tracks.

November 30, 2010, 05:44 PM
I highly suggest the White Hots. I tested 3 boxes so far in an assortment of my rifles and they all reacted well with them.

You still may have a crud ring but if does develop its easier to push through than with T7.

December 10, 2010, 02:11 PM
Well, I told my buddy about my plans and he went out and bought both the Hornady FPB 300 gr bullets and the White Hots. He is shooting a Winchester Apex and they worked great out of his gun. So, I laid out the moola for both and here's what I have to report. My Thompson does not like them. I was shooting off a lead sled with a chronograph in place. I tried both 2 and 3 pellets. I could not get a consistent group at 100 yards. Also, anyone who says that you will not get a crude ring with White Hots is a liar......Had one after just 5 shots. So, I did a bit of research after the fact and discovered that a muzzleloader is just like any other gun in that they all have their own likes and dislikes. I found a couple intesting articles on Chuck Hawks website in the muzzleloading section, here's the links:



So the moral of the story for me is this, I am out on the White Hots (although I will admit the smoke cloud factor is less than Triple 7 and that was nice for reacquistion of the target). I may try the 350 gr FPB's to see if they shoot any better. Also, I'm not saying don't waste your money on these products. You just have to try them for yourself and see how they act in your gun. For now I am going back to the trusty 250 gr SST sabot and 2 T7 mag pellets.