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November 24, 2010, 02:42 PM
Allright, here's the rundown: I have a WASR-10, which was the first gun I ever actually owned (I believe I bought it in 2004, maybe 2005. Not sure). I know these get bashed a lot, but I can honestly say I've never had so much fun with a firearm.

So, now it has a problem...the barrel is totally fubar. After several attempts at "improving" the rifle (it came neutered, no threads, no bayonet lug), I've come to the conclusion that any part I buy is the wrong one, and every attempt at fixing my own errors just makes it worse. So right now, it lays in its case, partially disassembled. The barrel was damaged in my last attempt, and I no longer feel it is safe to fire.

I did look around for complete barrel assembles, but apparently thanks to the ATF, those aren't very easy to find anymore. I only found one Romanian assembly, but the forum it was posted on never approved my membership, so even if it's still available I won't be getting that one.

Overall, I should probably be saving for a new AK-103 style rifle, which is what I really want. But I'm not willing to let this one go to waste, sentimental value and all that. I need to find out where I can acquire the parts I need, and where I can take/send it to have the work done to restore it to it's proper form (standard AKM, with bayonet lug and threaded muzzle). I live in a particularly redneck part of Oklahoma, and we seem to have a lack of gunsmiths who specialize in eastern bloc rifles. But I have no proper equipment and I refuse to try and work on the gun myself again. It always turns out badly.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

November 24, 2010, 03:05 PM
Photos of the "damage" might help us assess the extent of what is needed, along with some details of what occurred while trying to improve things that when wrong... ;)

November 24, 2010, 04:44 PM
Basically I just need to replace the barrel and everything that goes with it. That's the reason I was looking for a complete barrel assembly.

Barrel has a couple of breaches in it and what looks like a severe fracture, where the front sight block attaches. Needs a new barrel. Also needs a complete front sight block, and a gas block w/bayonet lugs. I tried to change out the gas block myself, but discovered first that the barrel was damaged, and then that the Maadi gas block *Joeken sold me wouldn't fit anyway.

I don't know if that will entail replacing the front trunion/rear sight too, but I'm guessing it will.

*I got burned by them once before, should have learned.



Looks like I can find all the needed parts...including a brand new, threaded Romanian barrel. Of course, it won't be drilled or tapped, so it's totally out of the question to do on my own. I suppose all I need to do is get the right parts ordered, and find an AK builder in Oklahoma that can actually do the work.

I'm pretty sure all I need to get is the barrel, front sight block, gas block, the four pins to install them, and the little parts I need for the front sight block. What I still need to know, is if there are any other parts I need to get for a complete barrel replacement?


December 1, 2010, 11:19 AM
That is a lot of work to do on a WASR. $100 at least for a barrel, another $100 at least to have it installed, and around $100 for gas block, front sight base, and the labor to have them installed- FSB has to be pressed on, gas block too, then they have to be drilled and pinned.
Here's a FSB with 24mm threads, for $25.00, you'd need to put your windage drum from your old FSB, and the front sight post off it too. I used one on my Saiga conversion (AK74) and no problems.

Before ordering all this, make sure the barrel trunnion is in good shape, or see if it, too, needs replacing. I know you said something about sentimental value, but you're going to spend close to what it would cost to simply buy another WASR.
Try registering at akfiles.com, and theakforum.net.
Also, email this guy: [email protected] He goes by the handle of Trueno on the AK boards. He lives here in Beaumont, and is all into AKs, and has been for decades. He has a huge stock of used parts-asnd is also an excellent machinist and AK builder- it may be worth writing and asking him about your project. If you do write him, tell him Angelo sent you. :D

Hope this helps,

December 1, 2010, 04:24 PM
Thanks for the replies...I already have all the parts ordered (got them all at a great price) and the barrel arrived this morning. But I need to warn you...that front sight block with the 24mm threads you linked too? That's the one Joeken sold me.

It's apparently an airsoft part, which is supposed to be mounted with a set screw located at the bottom of the threads (which isn't included). I had a gunsmith try to install it more permanantly for me (the set screw doesn't always hold it on even in an airsoft gun, I hear), but it didn't go well and led to the current barrel damage. It also doesn't appear you can mount a real '74 style front sight block in place of a '47 without having new pin holes drilled on the underside of your barrel. The classic FSB has the pins go through slots on the top of the barrel.

At least this trouble has shown me a lot I didn't know about AK barrels...an area I used to mostly avoid.