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November 20, 2010, 07:02 AM
Here's a look at the new Traditions Vortek pistol that was ordered by a friend of mine and just received. Because there's such a large number of these Vorteks back ordered, it took about 6 weeks from the time that the order was placed until it was delivered.
A while back Traditions claimed that the backlog had created a waiting list of over 300 orders for them that are fulfilled as they arrive from Spain. So folks are always waiting for each shipment of pistols to finally arrive. Once the shipment came, this one was drop shipped by Traditions due to the dealer's previous placement on the waiting list and promise to receive part of their allotment. Deer Creek Outfitters (765-525-6181) of Waldron, Indiana is the dealer that was finally able to obtain this particular pistol.
And at 20 inches long, the size of the bandolier holster in the photo is humongus!

Here's some details about the Vortek:


Joey V.
December 1, 2010, 10:25 AM
Well how did the thing shoot and what powder charge did you go with???

December 1, 2010, 10:34 AM
I will have to wait to man-handle one of these before I consider buying. However, it does look promising. Looks like TC has some additional competition and that is always good. I found the twist particulary interesting; 1:28.

Be Safe !!!

January 11, 2011, 02:56 PM
I too have a P-1521 pistol.
It's realy fun to shoot I'm a newbee to muzzel loaders.
I sighted it in at 25 yards two inch bulls about every time.
Now I'm ready to hunt deer in Michigan late doe season.

This is the short version.
I used 1 pellet of triple 7 magnum and a 44 Hornady sabot.
I shot a doe at 23 yards out of my bow stand.
The deer was quartering away. The deer ran away and I thought I missed.
Good thing we had snow. I found the deer about 300 yard away. I was a double lung shot the bullet did not pass through it broke one rib going in an logged between the rib and the skin on the othe side. The hornady .44 xtp hardly looked damaged nothing like the mushroom I get out of my .44 Mag.

I called Tradions and they recommeded I using 60 grain of triple seven fffg loose powder.

I'm going to do a penitration test before next season.

Any other suggestion out there?

January 11, 2011, 07:22 PM
All things considered, the charge worked good enough for only loading with the equivalent of 50 grains of powder.
There are plenty of other bullets to try, but I wouldn't know how to quantify for any angle of deflection as bone was hit going in.
A heavier bullet may penetrate better as would loading more powder.
A Gold Dot pistol bullet or even pure lead may open up better, but may not have penetrated any better, or penetrated even less.
Your current load still worked though, that's the bottom line.
And loading more powder should only help.
It sounds like it was the powder charge and the angle of the shot that may have been "somewhat" marginal.
How large was the deer?
Congratulations on bringing home the meat. :)

January 12, 2011, 12:06 PM
It was a nice size doe I would quess 110 lbs field dress.
Traditions says that the max charge is 70 grain I wonder how absolute that number is?

January 16, 2011, 11:04 AM
Just bought one on Gun Broker from a dealer. Have shot it a few times and found mine was shooting approx. 4" high at 35 yards. No amount of rear sight adjustment could compensate. I suppose I could have sent it back but since I have spare sights and the means to work on it I wound up removing the front sight and putting a taller front sight on. After some test shots with it the taller sight appears to have solved the problem. That problem aside, the pistol appears to be very consistent on shot placement. Recoil felt greater than my 44 mag with the heavier loads I initially tried. (My 44 is a Super Redhawk which is heavier than the Vortek) I brought the charge down to 40grn of 777 and that is more manageable. So far I really like the Vortek pistol but I'm going to have to spend some more time shooting it to determine the best load not only for accuracy but penetration as well. My plan is to use it next muzzleloader season.

January 16, 2011, 03:57 PM
Wow what a difference.
I did a primitive penetration test between loose triple seven and a magnum triple seven pellet.
The 60 grains of triple seven 3F777 loose was about 30% greater penetration into some old books and news paper from about 10 yards.
I could feel and hear the difference, a definite crack with the loose powder.
I shot my Ruger .44 magnum as a comparison and it was about an inch further into the bundle.
The only difference was the powder all the bullets where Hornady .430 JHP sabots and the same for the .44 Mag.
The recoil was about the same as my .44 Mag with a 7.5 inch barrel.
This is the load I'm going to use next year for hunting after some more practice this summer.

September 26, 2011, 06:30 PM
Not sure if this post is still being looked at since it was January when it was last updated. But in the interest of helping someone out who may be interested, I finally got around to working a load for my Vortek. Settled on 30 grn of Triple 7 with a 225 grn Barnes XPB. Turned out to be the most accurate. It may not put a bullet clear through the deer but I only plan on using the gun as backup to my muzzle loading rifle so it should work. The one thing I discovered was regular .50 cal bullets do not seem to work well in this pistol. I tried three different bullet types in the heavier grn range (usually used in rifles) switching back and forth between Pyrodex pistol and Triple 7, and could not find a good powder/bullet combo that would work. I also tried heavier sabot bullets made of lead. I have to admit I'm something of a fanatic when dealing with accuracy. If I can't get a load to consistently shoot within the bulls eye area of a target at a reasonable range I move on. Finally went back to the lighter copper bullet with a sabot and it appears that is what this pistol likes. Hopefully the above helps anyone out there looking into one these pistols but keep in mind you may find something better than I did. Disclaimer aside, I really like the design. Very easy to field clean when out target shooting and not overly front heavy despite how they look. Due to their length (similar to a TC contender) use a shoulder holster. In fact I'm using my old TC Contender holster for mine.

February 23, 2013, 01:18 PM
i have been reading some old post and wanted to share my thoughts on the vortek pistol. the area around the firing pin eroded on mine due to blow back so i drilled it and installed a cva firing pin bushing and jb welded it in and then trimmed the firing pin down useing a drill and a file like a lathe. then i drilled out breech plug for 25 acp brass to use small rifle primers, now there is no blowback to ruin the soft alloy frame around firing pin and the 25 acp breech set eliminates any blowback. i will post pics as soon as i get them. hope this helps someone with an issue like this one. when i contacted traditions about this soft alloy issue they didnt want to hear about it.