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November 7, 2010, 11:05 AM
I am new to BP guns, but not to guns or leather. I own several dozen guns of all ages and descriptions. I am a leathercrafter also. I mainly have used Lexol, Lexol-nf, neatsfoot oil formulations, mink oil formulations, Leather New (glycerin) formulation, and a half dozen other products to soften and preserve leather.

My favorite has been Lexol-nf as it did not darken the leather.

Since I got into BP, I also ordered several bottles of Ballistol. I have used it on my guns and the moose milk mix seems to work well when washing, forced air drying and straight Ballistol on the gun before putting it away.

I have several new holsters for the BP guns I have purchased in the last few months. After reading the Ballistol label, it seems the manufacturers tout Ballistol use for nearly everything from guns, equipment, home and garden, etc. So when the label says Ballistol binds with chemicals in leather making it waterproof, I have to turn to the experts on this forum who undoubtedly have experience with Ballistol and leather.

Does it work like advertised on leather? Any bad experiences with Ballistol on leather? I know not to use Ballistol on suede, but that is standard with most oils. Clean suede with sandpaper.

I do not store my guns in the holsters as I once experienced some rust with a holster treated with Lexol-nf (non greasy formula).


November 7, 2010, 12:17 PM
I use it on my leather "Top Siders" boat shoes and it works wells. I love Ballistol as much or more than anyone and use it on everthing I can. In the end, there will probably be a better this or that for metal, leather, plastic, wood (just used some on wood yesrterday with good results) but in the end I like using non-toxic Ballistol as it will do it all. Specific, dedicated products that are single purpose may do better in a specific application like leather. I'm no leather expert. But Ballistol will work on leather and based on my results, will work well.