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October 22, 2010, 09:57 PM
My hand spring broke on my 58 remmy so i ordered a new one from dixie gun works. It came in yesterday but the timing was off so i filed it back down pretty close to the original one but the hammer want stay at full cock it will only stay at half cock. When i take the cylinder out it works great but with the cylinder in it will fully cock but then goes back to half cock. What is the problem hear do i need to file the hand spring some more or is it something else. Does anybody know how to fix this problem if so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Doc Hoy
October 23, 2010, 06:34 AM
The hand needs to be CAREFULLY and SLOWLY shaped to match the cylinder and to permit the hammer to move back so that it will catch the full cock sear. To verify this, take the hand out of the pistol and try cocking it moving the cylinder with your fingers to a position where the bolt can rise into the slot on the cylinder. The pistol should cock with the hammer and trigger in the right positions indicating that the hand is the faulty part. In one case on an 1858, I could not get the pistol to cock at all with a new trigger. The frame would not allow the hammer to move back far enough to permit the hammer to engage the full cock sear. This is because I had to use a Pietta Trigger in an ASM revolver. I had to file the trigger to get it to work.

I had this problem with an 1863 and found that even though I had the right shape on the hand, I needed to bevel the tip slightly. This was a long process requiring a lot of taking apart filing and putting together to test it.