View Full Version : Traditions William Parker Pistol .50 cal???

Joey V.
October 18, 2010, 01:07 PM
Anyone have one and how does it shoot? What loads are you using for it?
Joey V.

Andy Griffith
October 20, 2010, 08:53 PM
I own one, but haven't done anything other than take it out of the box and look at it. Wasn't exactly my style, but it came in one of those "deals."

Kinda hoping someone else would have one and told how it shot.

Joey V.
October 25, 2010, 01:35 PM
I just received the Parker pistol and man is it a shooter. 1 inch group at 30 yards no problem. I tested 240 grain .50 cal PA conical made by hornady and they are a perfect match for the pistol. They fit nice and tight so it will never move forward from the powder. I shot up to 50 grains of FFF with very little recoil. Despite the heavy barrel and length the pistol is very light. I plan on carrying it during the Pa archery muzzleloader deer overlap season to use as a finishing pistol if necessary. Heck with a 50 grain charge and a240 grain conical or heavier it will kill a deer out to 50 yds no problem according to the Taylor knockdown calculator. with the heavy powder charge it does shoot a few inches high so I might put a taller front blade sight on it at some point but for now it is a blast to shoot.