View Full Version : What ammo to use in Garand?

October 10, 2010, 05:42 PM
I know 30-06...but is there any particular that I should use or cycles best? Can I just buy factory hunting ammo or something else? Thx for the help

October 10, 2010, 05:56 PM
Oh what a complex bowl of noodles this is!
OK, M1's are happiest fed a diet of 150-168gr fmj or balistic tips. Powder burn rate and pressure was not what it is today and modern ammo will kill your operating rod and who knows what else. Hornady and another outfit makes M1 Specific ammo loaded to lower pressures, but it's expensive. You should still be able to get Greek GI Ball from the CMP. OR- I would advise getting a Schuster (sp?) replacement adjustable gas plug and stick with one brand of mainstream (not light magnum type) U.S. ammo between 150gr-168gr. Once you put the plug in, back out the adjustment screw all the way, and begin firing until the gas is regulated well enough so that the rifle fully cycles.

If you reload- use the search function. I think 47grs of IMR 4895, Rem brass, large rifle primers, and 150 bullets is common- BUT DOUBLE CHECK.

October 10, 2010, 06:56 PM
Do the adjustable gas valves work to be able to fire modern ammo (I have a Garand at my FFL waiting for me)?

October 10, 2010, 08:40 PM
BASICALLY, yes...the adjustable valve replaces the gas cylinder plug and allows SOME of the gas going into the cylinder to be released. Modern ammo generates higher pressures, which would accelerate the piston and op-rod too violently. The adjustable plug reduces that pressure, allowing the op-rod to cycle within normal limits. The Schuster plug has 8 settings that allow a greater or lesser amount of gas to escape, allowing you to dial in the rifle for your particular cartridge.

That said, of course your results may vary...most Garands are happier with 150-175 grain ammo than heavier bullets.

October 10, 2010, 08:47 PM
I was just wondering if it was one of those gimmicks that did not really work.

October 10, 2010, 09:10 PM
You don't need those gimmicks. If you don't reload, buy surplus ammo from CMP, if you reload, check out Hornady's reloading manual for the Garand Loading section.

If you plan on shooting CMP games then I would stick to 150 grn bullets (per loading data from the above listed source). Reason being most CMP Garand Matches, if sanctioned, will furnish ammo and it will probably be the 149 grn ball stuff. CMP Garand matches are fired at 100 or 200 yards and there is no need for fancy bullets at that range.

If you want to move on toward HP, then go to the 168s (or 175s if you want to shoot 1000 yards), again using the data from the above source.

October 10, 2010, 10:00 PM
I am hoping to start re-loading next season (birthday)

But I have 192 enbloc to start me off and if I need more it is a phone call away.

October 11, 2010, 09:22 PM
Get this and shoot any .30-06 ammo but its still better to stay under 180 grs.

McCann Adjustable gas plug - 5 plug sizes, start w/ largest vent hole and change till rifle cycle ammo normally. It will prevent the operating from being damaged due to the higher pressure from commercial ammo. There is a another brand Schuster but you have to start from zero everytime you change to a different ammo because its a valve more work to use that one.


Its no gimmick its part of the M1 Garand if you want to shoot commercial ammo. Otherwise buy the Greek ammo from CMP if you are eligible.

Hope that helps!