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Crazy Jack
October 9, 2010, 06:15 PM
Hi Folks! I’m new to this Forum, have a bunch of guns, and am retired LE. I am now a SCUBA Equipment Repair Tech (retired job) and one of those Idiot-Brained Casual Shooter Cave Divers.

I am curious to know as much as I can about this gun that I just acquired. I was in the process putting together the info for a Letter of Authenticity to S&W when I found all y’all. Please weigh in and tell me if I’m wrong on anything as well any other info that you would like to share, including what YOU would pay for it. Here goes:

My basic research on this gun tells me that it appears to be a Smith & Wesson 1955 Target Model (Heavy Barrel), Pre-Model 25 revolver. Caliber is .45 Colt, double action, 6 shot built on the square butt N frame with five screws and has a 4” pinned barrel. I think that these were originally produced with a 6 ½” barrel? and I do not know when this one was changed. But, as you can see, it is a Smith & Wesson barrel. On the left side of the barrel is “SMITH and WESSON”; Right side is: “45 Cal. Model 1955.” It has a target hammer and target trigger. It has what appears to be the circa 1970’s S&W orange insert front sight and a micrometer click rear sight. The serial number on the frame under the grips is “S79xxx.” I can’t make out any stamping info on the grips. It has the following on the cylinder swing ”KO 2498” (is that an Assembly Number?) and there is no Model Number stamped. It has a six-groove backstrap and checkering on the top ramp. It has what I would call a matt finish; i.e. it’s not blued, stainless, or nickel. It has no box or papers.

What’s the story on this baby?

Please see pictures below.

Crazy Jumpin Jack




October 10, 2010, 09:01 AM
I have a 25-2 1955 target model in original condition, the barrel is longer than 4 inches though. I think it is 6 1/2 inch, the caliber is 45 acp made to use 45 acp with moon clips or 45 auto brass with rim ammuntion. I wonder if this handgun had the barrel changed and shortened to 4 inch. It could of started out as a pre model 25 in 45 LC (long colt) and had the shortened 1955 barrel added. Is it matte (sand blasted) nickel finish?

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Jim Watson
October 10, 2010, 09:32 AM
The 1955 barrel has been sawn off, you can see that the roll marks are not centered as they are applied at the factory.
The butt has been rounded and the grips reshaped to match.
The gun has been matte finished and nickel or chrome plated.

A factory letter will show the ORIGINAL configuration. But this ain't it.

A picture of the transition from topstrap to barrel rib would be helpful.

Lack of a model number means it was made before 1957, back when S&Ws had names, not numbers.

Edit: The thread on S&W board marks your gun as a .357 (pre-Model 27) rebarrelled and rechambered to .45, grip shape altered and refinished. A friend here had three guns converted. He found two tapered 1950 .45 (M26) barrels and one heavy 1955 and put them on .357 frames with the cylinders rechambered by Bob Snapp.