View Full Version : Petite little number, two outfits- one see-through!

September 30, 2010, 05:12 PM
In MA, this thing is extra evil and hard to get. Must be pre-ban, so tough to find since it had to be here and registered before the ban. Never thought I'd get one, but I managed it through a lot of luck and a two hour stretch of being 'out on an errand' from work

Inland, 1943 with Inland 1943 barrel. Been through arsenal rebuild and has extra s/n stamp ahead of rear sight, which is obviously later type. Flat bolt, but parked. Park overall is 85-90% on the trigger group, receiver, and barrel. Impossible to know if it was originally built as an M1A1 in '43 without some extraordinary chance event coming to light.

Here's the see-through outfit, the one it had when I got it. Repro, but I don't give a hoot. Stock was really nice but looked laquered; I broke the shine down and oiled it. That wood is drinking BLO like nobody's business. I think I'm going to disassemble the stock and soak it in a PVC pipe filled with BLO.


I also purchased a USGI stock for it. The photo does not do it justice. Almost no dents in it and very nice wood to boot


I also got a few other things; five 15 round USGI mags, and of them three are in good shape, one is in fair but functionally fine shape, and the fifth honestly looks like it was made yesterday

I also got a pretty good repro M1907 sling for my 1944 SA M1 rifle. Looks good, full stitching, etc. And yes I'm also showing off the wood on the rifle; it looked like King Kong passed it when I first got the rifle. The USGI walnut ended up being gorgeous after many hours of work