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September 26, 2010, 11:31 PM
Just concluded load development for my new M70 30-06 Super Grade. After the second trip to the warranty center it shoots pretty well, managed to print three 5-round groups under .8", best was .650". Load development was pretty straightforward after last trip. Chamber is very close to minimum and it doesn't care for warm or max loads. Wound up with 55grs of H4350 under a 165gr Hornady spire point (3040) seated .020" off the lands in a RP case sized to minimum according to my gauge. Case head separation issues seem to be resolved as well.
I've made over a dozen trips to the range, spent $400++ (quit counting) on components and tools and many hours loading and researching. I didn't give up because I know the folks at Winchester/Browning/FN have the capability to build the best hunting rifle available today. Nope, it's not a target rifle, but it's a beautiful hunting rifle that I hope to enjoy many days with in the field for as long as I'm able. As I've said before, fit and finish is remarkable. Trigger is as advertised and action is smooth and getting smoother. Wood is just (barely) short of spectacular-if you like that sort of thing-I do.:D
Would I do it all again? Of course! I've had more accurate hunting rifles but this is a finer rifle than I've ever had, probably the finest hunting rifle I ever will have. :)

Dallas Jack
September 27, 2010, 04:22 PM
Congratulations. Glad you got it all sorted out. Sounds like you have a nice rifle.
Dallas Jack