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September 24, 2010, 09:30 AM
It's taken a while, but I've finally gotten my dad interested in the world of shiny molten metal. He'd like to start out with something for his GP100 in 6" and is looking for something similar to what a friend cast and loaded up for him years ago. They were RN in the lighter gr. range (115's or very near). He's also wanting to do something in a light HP. My suggestion was to start in the LEE molds over the low to mid weight ranges to see what runs best, and then look for a Lyman in a similar config to have a cav bored and pinned. Any ideas or suggestions on what seems to run well in the GP's would be most helpful.

September 24, 2010, 05:29 PM
My GPs will shoot the lee 158rnfp all day long !!!at any speed , just cater alloy to the pressures! Low pressure = soft alloy, Hi pressure = harder alloy!!

For lite bullets (they don`t like the word boolit over here)look at the 9mm molds .I have a couple & I just roll alittle crimp in over the lube groove .

Tumble lube is ok , but if ya shoot alot & wanna get serious fps & accuracy then a lubesizer is the way to go , ya have options on sizes & lubes & it squares up the bases & sides perfectly !

HPs are slower to cast , ya have to contend with the pin or pins (cramer style)& the temp has to be held more constant, most HP molds are 1,2&3 cavitys, sure you`ll run across more but for practical reasons 2 is enuff for me!!!

This is "MY OPINION" others will vary or disagree completely & that`s ok :cool:

Gotta add this : Here`s an IDEAL mold 358156 factory HPed bullet that`s had the Gas Check shank removed ! These ,dressed & ready to ride weigh in at 147grs. & shoot good from slow ,mild to wild or until they start strippin !!


September 25, 2010, 12:10 AM
Thanks GP, I was kinda hoping you'd chime in on this. It's gonna be interesting getting this all dialed. My dad lives about 300 miles away, and I'm the caster/reloader. We actually only get together a couple times a year. But after seeing first hand what I've been doing with casting for all my firearms, he kinda caught the itch to try some and got pretty excited after I told him what it's costing me to shoot versus what factory ammo costs. The plan is to put together a little care package of different loads/bullet styles for him to go play with while I try to dial in his results from afar. Should be fun. I'll definitely look at that Lee 158gr. to jump out of the gate with.