View Full Version : Yugo 59/66 accuracy question + night sights

Dr. Strangelove
September 22, 2010, 02:52 AM
I found myself in possession of a Yugo 59/66 some years back, it languished in the gun safe for many years without being fired much, except for friends who just wanted to shoot something that went bang.

Just for kicks, I took it to the range today and was really surprised to see how accurate it was with the cheapest ammo I could find. No-name bulk ammo was grouping reasonably from a makeshift rest at 50, 100, and 150yds. (Ten shots in 8 inches at 150yds, iron sights)

Question 1: Has anyone loaded for these rifles, and if so, what was the improvement in accuracy, if any?

Question 2: It has the phosphor night sights, they glow reasonably well when exposed to light, does anyone have any advice for cleaning these up and have you seen an improvement in their performance?

The rifle seems to be in unissued condition, arsenal wear and import engravings excluded. It has the grenade launcher and bayonet, I don't see myself using either, but I suppose I could drop the "steel rain" on some deer if it ever becomes legal to hunt with rifle grenades here in GA.

It's fun to shoot, and I thought it would make a good back-up, jeep rifle for hunting season. It's accurate enough now for that, but I'd like to do better and my gun club has a hunter/military rifle shoot coming up this weekend that I think it would be a hoot to show up with this rifle, if I can get it shooting a little more accurately.

September 22, 2010, 08:03 AM
There is a theory that the Yugos with their unchromed barrels may be the most accurate of the SKSs, if the bore is in good condition. I dunno. Your accuracy seems good by SKS standards.

I've started loading for mine, but don't have enough experience to pass on in the way of tips. Up on the Survivor SKS Boards, there are some dudes who seem to know their stuff. Seems that cast bullets might be the way to go if you're inclined.

As for the night sight, I've been told that the magic paint simply gets tired with age, (tell me about it).:rolleyes: It may be that it can be redone if the EPA hasn't outlawed it. jd