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September 5, 2010, 05:00 PM
The pride of my collection is a centerfire-converted 50-70 Sharps carbine which I have owned and cared for for more than 60 years. Many years ago I purchased a box of 20 black powder preloaded and primed 50-70 Government cartridges from now-defunct Old Western Scrounger, Inc. They are still essentially untouched, in the original box, which I keep in a cool environment. I did not buy them to fire; just to add to my collection.

I am far from an expert on black powder. I am looking for some advice from you who are. I have no other black powder weapons, and I have never done any reloading. I recently read that perhaps this ammo may be inherently dangerous just sitting around for admiring, as compared with modern smokeless ammo, which I have gobs of for the handguns and rifles in my collection which I fire.

Any advice about this out there? I would appreciate your thoughts. I do not plan to fire this ammo. It is just a part of my collection and adds something to the history of this fine old carbine.

Tks much,


September 6, 2010, 01:43 PM
Should be zero problems with the BP ammo you described. You're keeping it in the prescribed manner (cool, dry place) and black powder doesn't deteriorate like some smokeless powder can.
No problems with safety handling properly-loaded BP ammo, either. If black powder were dangerous to handle it never would have caught on whether loaded in cartridges or loose poured down the muzzle.