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August 10, 2000, 07:38 PM
Just found out that some of the targets at the Blackwater IDPA match will be steel. They will need to be knocked down in order to be counted as neutralized. Normally, on cardboard, 115 grain 9mm out of my P7M8 is just fine. Against steel, the organizer suggested I bring some +P or heavier weight stuff. The match is this weekend so I ran over to my local store today and picked up some Win 147 grain FMJ in the white box (has a slightly flattened tip). Seemed to perform just fine (damn P7 feeds anything - boring!) and shot just a tad high.

My other option, I suppose, is to use some defensive stuff (have standard pressure 147, +P 115, +P 125, and +P+ 115 available) but I think that might be a waste.

Does this sound like something which will be effective on the steel targets? Any other suggestions? Forgive the ignorant question but I've never done this before and would appreciate any suggestions.

Thanks in advance!

- Jawper

August 11, 2000, 08:41 PM
I shoot IPSC often with my BHP 9mm I have found that velocity is not as important as bullet weight. I reload 3.8 gr bullseye or 3.4 gr reddot powder with a 135gr rn bullet. it gives a 131 and 131.5 powerfactor. 125 is the min legal with 9mm. The poppers sometimes still stand if hit in the lower 1/3 but any increase in bullet weight or velocity has no effect. Assuming you don't reload I wuld not go the +p route but would stay above 124 bullets. Stay with 135 -147 gr. I have found and so have friends I compeate with that the 147 gr flat nose bullets are somewhat inaccurate. It you have not seen this then stick with the 147 gr.

Good luck

August 11, 2000, 09:01 PM
I use 115gr on steel and it works just fine.
The trick to shooting steel is not to dally waiting for it to fall, move on.