View Full Version : St. Louis area Benchest Match this weekend

June 8, 2000, 10:41 AM
There's a match this Saturday and Sunday at the St. Louis Benchrest Club near Wright City. From the STL direction, take the 2nd. Wright City exit, go right to the service road, and then go left (west) on the service road. You'll see a mobile home dealer, a feed store (I think) and a brick building. Just past the brick building, take a right. Follow this road until you come to some power line towers. Take a left on this road (there's a sign), and proceed until you come to Kohn Road (another sign), where you'll take a right, and drive slowly so as not to offend the neighbors, until you come to the range...

These are some of the heavy hitters in the sport - even if you're not going to participate, you'll still learn a lot.