View Full Version : M1 Garand B-Square mount disappointment

August 21, 2010, 12:31 AM
I bought a B-Square M1 Garand mount on line the other day and it arrived recently. Its on its way back to the vendor.

I have wanted to put a scope on a Garand for a while and make a pseudo M1D. Even had my eye on a 3x w/ post Weaver. Well that's out.

Problem #1, the darn thing was made in China. I'm not mounting that on a US military rifle that may have fought the Chinese in Korea.

Problem #2, it was missing a minor part, further aggravation.

If I ever do scope an M1, I guess I'll go with the CMP scout mount.

I've wanted to drive down to Anniston for a long while anyhow.

August 21, 2010, 01:50 AM
Check with S&K, they make a Garand mount, even has a peep built in, so you are not stuck just using the scope.

Make sure you get the Weaver style mount.

I also believe they are made in the US.

August 21, 2010, 01:59 AM
+1 for S&K. I emailed the head guy asking questions I figured I would just get ignored. Nope the man himself replied to me with specs and pictures. Its made in America and it is well built. Plus you can put it on the M-1 without any machining. :D


Keep in mind that the scope will be offset for the M-1. However one of those leather cheekpads will fix you up.

August 22, 2010, 01:02 AM
My, if I had only listened to my parents I might have been a millionaire by 28. I went the optics route on both my Garand and M1A rifle. For the Garand I went with the forward scout mount with an Aimpoint CompC3 red dot on it. On the M1A I went with the ARMS #18 mount and a fixed 6X scope on it.
They both shot well......but, I quickly realized that these rifles were developed to not exceed a certain weight, adding anything to them will exceed that weight and now you have a much heavier and clumsier rifle than was intended. You also negate the use of the best rifle sights ever made for a rifle.
For me I'll keep the optics on lighter guns such as ARs or bolt guns and leave the battle rifles as they were intended. Just my personal observations and expensive lessons learned.

August 22, 2010, 01:27 AM
Your point is duly noted. A plain jane M1 is a handsome, rifle that looks right. And the GI sights worked great for me, 'till about age 50.

But fooling w/ rifles is a weakness of mine. I figure a scope will allow some additional precision. And I will be able to judge my '06 reloads a bit better.

Optics on the M14 are pretty common, don't you think?

Heck, there's a bunch of them at war right now, mostly I'd bet, w/ an optic.