View Full Version : varminters.......help....which one should i get?

May 23, 2000, 07:31 PM
Im looking at getting into some varmit rifle competition, basically it is 10 prarie dogs at 200yds VHA rules

I have narrowed my chices to possibly three, but want more input and am open to any ideas

they are as follows:

1)Remington VS Composite either .223 .308
this has the bull barrel, and is light,
i like it alot but will it perform?

2)Rem 700 VS SF .223 .308
Stainless fluted model? Is police
model better?

3)Weatherby SVM? - factory varmint rifle
from them, supposed to have alot of
features allready incuded?

I do plan on having it modified or some work done, like lapped, re-crowned, trued, bedded?

But will be just in factory class, can't afford an expensive hand built rig, and just want the best off the shelf to start?

so any thoughts or ideas?