View Full Version : Bolt dislodged from action - Century Arms Ultra 87 Shotgun

August 19, 2010, 10:49 AM
I was cleaning my shotgun last week and experienced a problem. While I was cleaning it, I noticed that the action became VERY stiff. I tried to work it loose, while doing this, the pump suddenly racked for me, and the action felt like it broke free from whatever the obstacle was. A couple minutes later, I thought it felt a little too loose. Upon further examination, it is apparent that the bolt has actually dislodged from the action itself. I can work the pump, but the bolt doesn't move at all, it has clearly been detached. From what I've determined, it appears to be virtually identical to the Remington 870 (i.e. swappable after-market parts, etc). I know you guys are knowledgeable here, and wanted to run it by a few of you gurus before I disassemble it and potentially screw it up more so than it already is. Any ideas on how to reattach it without disassembling? Or is that my only hope?

Thanks in advance guys!