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August 18, 2010, 08:38 PM
Hello to all.

I have a 1938 K. Kale Turkish Mauser, one of the Large Ring Small Shank varition. It is a bit of a beater and I was looking at doing some sort of project with it. I wanted to make it in to a sniper. I know it is not an original and nothing special and that is fine. I would just like to have it in that configuration for some fun target shooting. I was wondering if anyone out there knew of some good compnents, i.e. bases, rings, and scopes, to use on this? I am not looking for WWII vintage equipment. I can't afford all of that. Maybe some reproduction equipment, vintage stuff that looks the part, or new manufacture things that have the vintage flair. I just want something that looks like it could play the part of a WWII mauser sniper. Also, I believe the stripper clip guide has to be ground on the receiver, any thoughts on the best way to get that done?

Thanks to all.

F. Guffey
August 20, 2010, 04:21 PM

I have one Turk 38 I chambered to 8/06 then mounted a one piece scope mount, I did not remove the hump on the rear receiver bridge, the one piece mount does not require it, I will not drill and tap a receiver with the barrel installed, removing the barrel is not required but for me it is easier, two holes in front, one in the rear, for an easy change my favorite is is the 6.5mm55 when barrels are available.

F. Guffey