View Full Version : S&W 945

Rob Pincus
February 9, 1999, 12:43 AM
Have any of you encountered one these Performance Center pistols in competition? I'd like to hear about where these guns are being used and how they are performing.


April 11, 2000, 08:24 PM
Rob, a couple of guys that shoot PPC use them in the Distinguished Semi Auto match. Now those guys are excellent shooters, mind you, but that gun rocks the course! I have seen the one shooter shoot a 599 out of 600, with a high x count. The gun feels great, the trigger is smooth, and it is definately accurate. For PPC this is really the only match it can be used for, duty semi auto requires a double action first round, and the 1500 you could use it, but with other 1500 designed pistols there is not much use. Besides, Smith makes a 5906 based single action PPC gun, that too is real nice, yet the safety takes a bit to get used to. Prices on the 945 have come down, I have seen them for $1100 or so. Shop around, in NC, go to Ed's Guns in Southern Pines for the best price in the state.

April 13, 2000, 05:41 PM
I have a 945 Compact (Commander length) which I like a lot. I have used it quite successfully in IDPA competition although I would really like to change the sights to Ashleys or Pro-Sights sometime. Then it would really rock!

John Francis