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March 21, 2000, 12:12 PM
I am interested in purchasing a timer to be used for my practice sessions and small IDPA scenarios. Dillon has the Competitive Edge Dynamics (CED) 6000 timer, and Midway has the PACT Club Timer II, both are on sale for $130 with carrying case. Are there other better timers available or better deals? My local IDPA club uses the CED 6000 which has lots of features, but is quite large for on the belt practice. Suggestions would be appreciated.

March 21, 2000, 12:32 PM
This might be considered off topic, so I copied the post over to "Gear and Accessories".

March 21, 2000, 12:34 PM
My vote goes to Pact. I bought 4 of the original Club Timers for our club when they first came out, 9 or 10 years ago. Since then we've had the following failures, all fixed by Pact at no charge: 1- sledgehammer thrown into bucket on top of timer, cracked the lens, FUBARed the led display. 2- battery wires pulled off by some anonymous person trying to change the battery, who then closed it up and left it in the range bucket for me to discover at the beginning of the next match. 3- plastic nut came loose from one of the actuating switches, allowing the switch to fall inside the case.
I think we have five or 6 of these now, they've given excellent service, as has the company. I've also got my own Club Timer II, which has given me the same service for the couple of years or so that I've owned it. Pact has the Club Timer IIs on sale for $129.95. 800-722-8462. www.pact.com. (http://www.pact.com.)

March 24, 2000, 08:28 PM
I bought a CED 6000 last month.

It was not my wisest hour. My last club used PACT-IV and PACT-III timers, and there is a world of difference. The auto-power-off function stinks and the operation is rather counter-intuitive.

I sent it back (thanks, Dillon) and ordered a PACT-IV. Heck, I need a chrono anyway, and it is a great timer.