View Full Version : what peep sight inserts?

August 14, 2010, 06:42 AM
I have a winchester 75, with a peep sight on it, it appears to original. it has an adjustable eye relief, windage, and elevation, no markings on it other than a D stamped on the back side of the block.
What i need is the front sight inserts. it is not like a lyman(round) it sits sguare to the barrel and is round on top. about 1 1/4" high.
I think the gun is from 1939, from the low serial # 43xx. I'll try to post pictures of it later.

August 14, 2010, 08:24 AM
try Numrich Gun Parts, Maybe also try a Winchester Owners forum?:)

August 14, 2010, 05:01 PM
You might also take a peek over at chapionschoice.com for likenesses. Maybe even if you contact them, they'll be able to help you out.