View Full Version : Three Gun Match-Lexington, KY

Ned Roundtree
January 2, 2000, 02:56 AM
Yee-haa, got a three gun match today at the Blue Grass Sportsmens League in Wilmore, KY. Our IPSC matches have been having lighter and lighter attendance. Cowboys and IDPA going strong. Bullseye has been hanging on. IPSC in trouble. So IPSC switched to three gun formats. Pistol, Tactical carbine and tactical shotgun. Attendance has doubled!! Sunday is our second three gun match. Can't wait. Remington 870, CAR-15 (9MM) and my trusty 1911. We even have loaner shotgun (Rem 870) and carbine (Ruger .223), in case someone new shows up without right gun. Thus far everyone has been shooting all three guns. The change has done us good.

Ned Roundtree
January 3, 2000, 09:42 AM
Oh baby, oh baby, three gun match is too much fun. Got to use everything. CAR15 in 9MM, 870 Remington, and Springfield Armory 1911. The shotgun was the best. Ten (10) rounds of rifled slugs and eight (8) rounds of regular shot. Its Monday now, but I'm still grining!! :)

January 3, 2000, 09:48 AM
So how did you do?

Ned Roundtree
January 3, 2000, 03:29 PM
How did I do? It was my first IPSC match. And some of those guys are gosh darn good. Hopefully, not last. But I can only go up. I generally shoot CAS on first Sunday at another club. But since my club is trying to save IPSC, the guys convinced me to come out and try their new format. They will probably mail out scores in next couple of days. Hadn't shot my 1911 in a while. Pretty lousy there. Better in carbine. And better yet in shotgun. Two stage shotgun: (1)ten rifled slug shots, (2) eight regular shot targets.
They had different holsters and guns. Whereas one guy shot a double tap ten target string (20)with one high capacity mag. I used (3)single stack eight rounders to get the same shots. Calling for two reloads to his no reloads. Not that I mind. I shoot what I shoot. I did have the satisfaction in watching his ghost ring going flying through the air on his second shot from his Benelli M1. While my little Remington 870 (6+1)kept on pumping!! But oh was it fun. And no one made fun of my IDPA holster and mag pouches. My shotgun didn't have ghost rings, nine in the tube, or tactical lights, like most others. While waiting, I talked shotgun with a couple of LEOs with swat training and a gentlemen that teaches shotgun courses to armored car personnel. Whatever the score, the guys got their desired effect. Cause, like Arnold says "I'll be back!!". :)