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steve j
December 21, 1999, 11:31 PM
I'm trying to find some design criteria for ventilation of indoor ranges (specifically an indoor rimfire range)-can anyone help me out? I have the NRA range design manual but the section on indoor range ventilation is pretty weak.

The gun club to which I belong has been using an indoor range in the basement (built for rimfire and centerfire gallery loads) of the city courthouse since the early 1940's. Since about 1992 the range has been limited to rimfire use only. The indoor range is in jeopardy of closure due to lead concerns recently raised when a local college grad student was able to get access to the range and perform some air testing when he and his buddies were firing centerfire pistols with full house loads. The city council temporarily closed (so they say) the range until lead abatement could be done and the ventilation system upgraded. I have volunteered to look into the ventilation requirements and provide design services as required to upgrade the ventilation system.

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Ned Roundtree
December 22, 1999, 12:13 AM
There is only one indoor range near my town. Seventy minutes north or west is two larger cities that have five or six indoor ranges. The local guy also had to close for a short time because his ventilation was inadequate. Not just rimfire but all pistol calibers. He had to put some really large exhaust fans in. Much larger than called for in original range plans. But it solved the problem. Fix the problem and get an independent to test the air.

December 22, 1999, 12:56 AM
There is a company in Provo, Utah that may be able to answer some of your questions. It's called Action Target. Here's their web page http://www.actiontarget.com/
They build ranges all over the country. I imagine they can help. Good luck.

steve j
December 22, 1999, 09:11 AM
Thanks for the replies so far. I've sent action target an email to see what they can offer.