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November 22, 1999, 10:34 AM
Ok Matt, I'm looking for a response here. Our club has the largest Gallery pistol team in our league. Over 30 shooters each week. We try to have at least one NRA 900 or 1800 a month. A few shoot Bullseye and use the same pistols they use for the Gallery matches. Most new shooters start with the S&W 41, a few have Rugers, 95% & use a red dot. After a while they trade up to the Pardini, Bennelli, and more recently the hammerli. Seems like the SP20 is hot right now. I shoot a S&W 41 with a 1" UltraDot.We shoot on Thursday nights and its a great night out. We travel to different clubs so we get to know where to shoot in our area. Whats hot where you shoot?

Matt VDW
November 22, 1999, 03:12 PM
Is Gallery pistol just the NRA 50 foot indoor course?

I just finished a ten week league at one of the local ranges: a full 90-shot .22 course of fire at 50 feet. We had about 14 competitors with an average score a little over 700/900.

Currently, at a commercial range at the other end of the county, I'm in another ten week league shooting a 60-shot .22 course of fire at 50 feet. We've got about the same number of competitors with similar average percentages.

The popular pistols are the Ruger MkII, Ruger 22/45, Browning Buck Mark, Benelli whatever-the-cheap-one-is, and S&W M41: 90+% of the shooters are using dot sights. There's also one guy shooting a Pardini, one shooting a Hammerli 280, a couple shooting High Standards and one with a Colt .22, which he shoots remarkably well considering it has a trigger pull of about five pounds. I've been shooting a S&W M41, 5.5" heavy barrel with a 1" UltraDot. Last week I switched to a Day 30X conversion unit on a Kimber Target frame, just as an experiment.

For a real 1800 or 2700 match, we have to drive a few hours to Cincinnati, Canton, or Oak Harbor (near Camp Perry).

November 22, 1999, 08:43 PM
The Gallery match is a National Match Course shot at 50 feet. 10 Slow, 10 Timed, 10 Rapid.

When we have a 900 or an 1800 Match we draw from a large area.
We Just had an 1800 Match on Sunday. We had 7 Master Class shooters. about 15 expert and the rest Sharpshooter and Marksmen. Started at 9AM, ended at 6:30PM. Lots of fun. One of the expert class shooters showed me his setup. He had a Pardini for the 22 stage and a Matching 32cal Pardini for the centerfire stage. Nygord Just did the trigger and it was sweet. Its two stage and when you take up the slack it breaks perfect every time.
Oh well someday If I save my pennies I'll get a pair for the 1800 matches.
I shot the centerfire with a Kimber, open sights. You meet a lot of great people at the large matches.

We shoot against 9 other clubs for our Gallery league. Guess I'm lucky that way. We have one of the toughest gun laws in the country, but we do have a lot of shooting clubs.

Matt VDW
November 24, 1999, 03:56 PM
Your 1800 matches last nine hours? You must be running a lot of relays! The outdoor 1800 matches that I go to start at 9:00 and run until about 2:00 in the afternoon, with two relays.

BTW, I've discovered that my Day unit doesn't like PMC Scoremaster any more than my other pistols do. It's very accurate but it seems to foul the chamber and cause erratic ejection after about 30 rounds.

November 25, 1999, 08:50 PM
Yeah it was a long day. We had three relays with a lot of alibi's(sp).

I may sound ignorant here but I don't know what a Day unit is.

I run PMC Target through my GM with no problems.

Matt VDW
November 26, 1999, 01:49 PM
The Day unit is a conversion kit that lets a 1911-style pistol shoot .22 LR ammo. It's similar in concept to the Ciener, Jarvis, and Marvel kits.

It works by replacing the entire top half and magazine of the pistol. The Day unit looks and works a little like the top half of a S&W M41, with a fixed barrel and a lightweight, blow-back slide.

November 26, 1999, 08:07 PM
Oh Ok. I always wanted to try one of those. I've not heard great things about PMC's 22 loads. Most of the people I shoot with use CCI standard velocity. After two cases I haven't had one misfire with CCI.