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Matt VDW
October 25, 1999, 12:24 PM
The members of my local pistol club would like to hold a match, partly as a fund-raiser and partly to get more gun owners involved in competition. Here are the constraints we have to work under:

1) Indoor, commercial 50' range

2) No turning targets

3) Six firing points

4) No cardboard targets or lead ammo

5) Limited time, so running competitors through one by one with a timer wouldn't be very practical

My idea is to hold a snub revolver only match with a "practical" emphasis. This would keep the equipment requirements simple for non-competitive shooters and would give the hardcore types a fun change of pace.

What do you think? Would this type of match interest you? What would you like the course of fire to be like?

October 29, 1999, 03:10 AM
#4 has me puzzled--no cardboard targets? Only flapping paper is allowed? Ick.

No lead bullets? In the bad old days, the indoor ranges decreed jacketed bullets Verboten, as they were harder on the bullet traps.

Anyway, try combining the paper targets with a "stop plate" device like a bowling pin in each firing lane. If the bullet trap can handle hits at floor level, you're okay. Still, it's probably better to put them on a very sturdy cardboard box. Shoot at paper and score the high three, and count a fallen pin as 10 points. Leaves two extra rounds in a six-shooter--how will YOU use them?

Have a moderate time limit, like 10 seconds.

If high shots are not a problem (target carrier damage!), you can also do three-round failure to stop drills, with a balloon taped to the head zone. Heck, tape a small balloon to the center of your A-zone and give extra points for drilling it.

Be careful about having the shooters fire from forward of the firing line. Many indoor ranges do not have enough armor out there to contain a vertical AD/ND.

Consider using reduced-size targets. Maybe even hang two from a wood crossbar on each firing lane, to give a multi-target engagement stage.

Have a stage with every target holding one of those 2-inch square exploding targets exactly in the center. Everyone shoots, and the first one to bang their explosive wins that stage. The paper targets will be shredded, so don't even think about scoring the other hits.

Matt VDW
November 1, 1999, 10:36 AM
Cheapo: Thanks for the ideas.

The range prohibits cardboard targets because (according to them), bits of shredded cardboard would clog up their air filters. Apparently lead bullets are too dirty for their filters as well.

I'm working on a course of fire that uses four paper targets (humanoid) shot ten times each, mostly for the sake of keeping things simple. My club doesn't have much experience running matches and I don't know if we'd have the manpower to do much changing and re-setting of targets.

November 21, 1999, 11:33 PM
An idea would be to do something based on the IDPA backup gun standards. It is a 30 round course of fire on three targets, max range 10 yards, done on par time. You would be able to run two shooters simultaneously and since it's par time, you wouldn't have to time them individually. If you'd like further details, let me know.

Matt VDW
November 24, 1999, 03:51 PM
HeadHunter: Thanks for the IDPA idea. Does that course of fire require drawing from a holster? That's something I'd like to avoid, just because this match would be open to "newbies" who aren't comfortable with high-speed gun handling.