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Rob Pincus
October 18, 1999, 04:23 PM
Mikey, Johnboy and the whole Middle Tenn Shooters Club did a great job with the TN State Match. I had a ball... it was worth the 12 hour drive! (okay, the match and seeing my family together were worth it ;)).

Mikey and Johnboy were in the Most Tactically Realistic shooting bay. The targets were covered with T-shirts, it was very dynamic, there were mandatory tac-reloads (and you needed the used mag later!!), no shoots, wound (weak-hand) shooting, and you even had to retrieve your partner's gun and use it for some of the targets. It was pretty cool. some of the later competitors even got to shoot at a BG target with a burned up shirt!.

The other two bays were good as well. Lots of shooting on the move, lots of Tactically sound scenarios, lots of shooting from concealment.

Excellent Job Guys!!

October 18, 1999, 08:05 PM
Thanks for the kind words, Rob :) We knew you'd like it. And those powder burns you left on that one target were priceless! ;) You had everybody thinking after that run. They kept asking "Can you do that?!" :o and I just said the scenario didn't specify a foul line. If you've got [email protected] enough to try it, why not?

I don't know how many guys asked about the start condition for that stage - gun full and only one spare mag. They looked at the COF and saw the required tac-load and, by counting rounds, they knew they would have to reload again. They would ask if I meant a full gun and TWO mags and I would just repeat that it called for the single spare. I didn't want to just come out a tell them they had to re-use the retained mag. I know I told one guy three times and he kept thinking about it with this puzzled look on his face :( and all of a sudden he smiled and said "You devious little rascals!" :) - then I knew he had figured it out!

Those no-shoots placed to the rear of the bad guys were VERY effective. They took a lot of hits - some intentional from guys who tried to use the shirt color as the ID. I TOLD them the no-shoots had white heads, not white shirts :D


October 19, 1999, 11:08 AM
Rob, glad you could make it down for our little shoot. We wanted to come up with a scenario that was realistic and where you had to reuse your magazine. I admit you will probably never have to take on that many BG's, but that was the only way we could make those ESP's and SSP's run dry. There were people out there wearing six magazines! Nine out of ten of the ones that I know carry only have one spare mag. That tenth one has two.

You would be surprized at how many shooters hit the no-shoots even after they had taped the targets several times before they shot the string. Placing the no-shoots behind the targets made you think about where your shots were going. You could not just blaze away.

Having shirts on the targets really places the emphasis on center mass hits. In the real world, they will not be wearing concentric circles that say "hit me here".

We thought the match would be challenging and fun. Really glad you liked it.


Rob Pincus
October 20, 1999, 08:55 PM
One of the "edges" I use at what I've seen so far at IDPA is that I am 100% full attention on the target, this lets me see most of my shots and react accordingly (pickups, or moving on to the next target, etc....), the shirts completely eliminate that technique. I like the challenge. It makes you think about how many times you are really going to pull the trigger on a BG.

I was explaining the COF to one of my buddiesup here and I made the point that you covered above, about the fact that most people don't carry ONE extra mag, let alone 5 or 6! I described your scenario as a Best case/worst case CCW situation.. YES, you decided to carry that extra mag.. OOPS, there are 7 BGs in three different places, one of whom is wearing Body Armor, and they are mingling with Good Guys!!

Thanks Again.

October 20, 1999, 11:04 PM
The number of targets engaged during that stage was a bit of a stretch but it was the only way to force the second reload with the previously retained (partially depleated) magazine. We may try it again with fewer targets but more hits required per target.

The shirts do make a difference but you can do the "target focus" shooting style if you watch the reaction of the shirt instead of watching for holes. The shirts will jump and give a good indication of the hit.


Rob Pincus
October 21, 1999, 04:39 PM
Jeezus, Mikey! I was trying to keep that to myself. Are we supposed to share all the secrets? ;)

October 25, 1999, 02:16 PM
You guys are getting my adrenalin going... as the Republic of Texas Championships are this weekend. We test fired some of the stages this past weekend. Got a cattle russling stage setup with full size plywood cows. I bear the shame of shooting a cow in the backside. :( Thus I have been assigned the responsiblity of protecting "Bubbette" (renamed from Elsie) as the SO on that stage. I also must return to the scene of my fau pax with bandages to cover my mistake. :)

Your points about shirt covered targets are well taken. I dropped off 35 shirts yesterday so we will have plenty of stages covered. ;)

Ya'll bring lotsa ammo cuz we gonna have some fun in Central Texas...

IDPA# A04739
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October 25, 1999, 04:00 PM
Only in Texas!

I can just imagine the scenario..."You are bringing in the herd from the North section when a band of Mescalero bandits attempt to rustle your beef. Since deadly force is still allowed against rustling, you take on the bad guys while avoiding your steers, as bullet wounds drop the price substantially! Once the banditos are neutralized, move the herd to the railhead..."

Wish I could be there. I was a Texas transplant from 1961 to 1971 (my formative years) which probably explains my lack of tolerance for low-lifes. Do they still recognize the "He needed killin'" defense in Texas courts? I was a South-Eastern Texan...just South of Houston...salt grass and gumbo clay (yecch).


October 25, 1999, 04:05 PM
Bubba, wish I could be there. We are having a charity match ourselves plus my three kids have told me this is HALLOWEEN! And tell them if the hit Bubbette, they might as well start cooking the steaks as well. Yall have fun.