View Full Version : IDPA Nationals - who's gonna be there?

September 20, 1999, 09:14 PM
Well, it's less than two weeks away - one more weekend to cram in all that
practice you were gonna do - one more chance to find that mag that burped a
couple of weeks ago and you forgot to mark it - one more chance to shoot
the classifier and make sure you are classed correctly, wouldn't want to
sandbag...WOAH!! I'm having that nightmare again!

I'll have to report on Wednesday next week and get my bay assignment.
Then all the SO's will get to do the marathon "one day" match that the rest
of you get to shoot in two. I know...it's voluntary, awquitcherbitchin. I do
intend to have a ball and it will be great to get to see each and every one of
you come through our bay some time or the other. It's the only way I know
to be guaranteed to meet everybody!

I'll try to wear some form of attire that identifies me as a Tennessean but
there will be several others there. I may try to gen up a name tag that just
says MIKEY so any of you guys or gals will know who I am. What you choose
to do with that information is up to you.

I can't wait! HOW MANY ARE GOING TO BE THERE? We need to try to get
together in one of the hospitality rooms and swap lies about how well we
did, no score cards allowed.


Mike Spight
September 20, 1999, 10:58 PM

See you there! I'm driving down a couple of days early to visit some relatives in Memphis...will check in at Sam's Town on Thursday afternoon...my wife will fly in that evening.

Hope to see/meet you...should be a lot of fun! Other that KS State Championships this past weekend, this will be the only "big" match I've shot in in the few months I've been in IDPA.


Ricky T
September 21, 1999, 08:38 AM
Mikey and all others:
I'll be there Thursday afternoon checking in at the Sam's Town Resort along with others from our club in the Atlanta area.
See y'all there.

September 21, 1999, 08:49 PM
Got home from work today and the assignment info was in the mail!

I'll be on Bay #24, stages 9, 10 and 11. The Chief SO for that bay will decide
what each of us do. There will be 4 SO's on that bay.

Come by and say howdy.