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September 15, 1999, 08:04 PM
Someone said that the grip safety of the Ed Brown/ McCormick? sets the hand closer to the bore for less felt recoil, better control and faster recovery than the Caspian/Wilson cut grip safety: But, that the Caspian looks better.

Q: I like the Caspian because I want a light 1911 and want to use the Aluminum one that they have w/their "speed bump" type palm raise. Is there REALY any difference in recovery times between the two?

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Ken Cook
September 16, 1999, 07:53 AM
Hi Equalizer!
It always perplexes me that people want to take weight off of the wrong half of the 1911.
If you look at simple physics, and consider such things as
Every action has an equal and opposite reaction
An object in motion tends to remain in motion, an object at rest tends to remain at rest.
Applie these to the pistol
the object in motion is the slide.
The object at rest is the frame.
If you can lighten the slide and increase the weight of the frame,
the object in motion (slide) will have MUCH less effect on the object at rest, and, the frame, (object at rest) will require more energy to move it.
light slide, heavy frame = less felt recoil.
Go with a steel, arched mainspring housing, and a steel Ed Brown Grip safety. (It DOES ride high and who cares how it looks? How does it SHOOT?)

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September 16, 1999, 06:15 PM
Thanks Ken,

As for looks, I was just reporting the only amount of information given to me about the safety, not my personal opinion. Function is far more important than asthetics in MHO too.
Maybe I should have posted somewhere else for this question since the primary purpose of this gun w/be as a CCW. I thought that you guys would have more experience with both types than most. I would like to use it in a little bit of competition to keep up my skills and for fun, but lightweight is a BIG prerequisite. Physics was my worst subject in school, so please excuse my ignorance. If I were primarily competing I'd certainly go steel. Maybe I'll get a competition gun someday. I plan to add a compensator to the 5" barrel which, I hope, will take care of the physics laws that you mentioned. I find that arched mainspring housings don't work for me. I already got a flat Al one from Caspian.

As for taking mass off of the wrong half, well maybe you know of a better way, but I only know of 2. a)Shortening the slide/barrel. I don't like Commanders because they shorten sight radius and decreas e velocity while not conceiling any better in the carry mode that I have chosen. b)Make slide lightening cuts. It makes sense if done in such a way as to not compromise functioning or strength, but is very expensive if done by the two smiths that I know who does that work. To each his own and needs I guess. Like I said, I hope a 1" or so comp screwed onto the end would level the flip. Maybe it won't work on a light gun? I don't know for sure. Don't want a hybrid comp though.

Is there any particular reason that you like the Ed Brown grip safety SHAPE over the others?

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