View Full Version : Benchrest Barrel Dovetails?

July 25, 1999, 11:42 PM
Hi folks,
I'm very new to benchrest rifle. I just bought a 40X with a Hart barrel at a gun shop used to try to get into it.
Thing is, this barrel has two...uh...well, dovetail mounts protruding from the barrel where the fron sight would be, and about 6 inches in front of the action.
The scope mounts obviously go on the action and I cant figure out what mounts to these forward doohickies.
The guys at the shop didn't know either. It almost looks like you would mount rings to hold some VERY long sun shades or something.
I would guess iron sights as the placement looks right, but it not only has the barrel dovetailed, but has little dovetail mounts in those to mount SOMETHING.
The rifle is still in the waiting period or I'd up a pic of it, but maybe somebody knows what I am talking about in the meantime.
Any ideas?

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