View Full Version : Help Identify Old German Double Rifle

August 8, 2010, 04:03 PM
I received this exquisite German double-rifle from my grandfather's collection and would sure appreciate knowing more about the origins from its engravings and markings. Thanks for your help!

L Side Plate: "G. SCHAFER HOFBUCHSENMACHER" Gun maker to the Court
R Side Plate: "IN TUBINGEN" Town in Black Forest area of Germany

( R Barrel underside)
Proofmark & crown over "G"=Rifled
Letters? "Jh"
Inverted "B'
(L Barrel underside)
Proofmark & crown over "G"=Rifled
Letter? "K"

Serial No. "22270"

Both "rimmed" bore diameters are .417-.422" which seems to be a .416 caliber. The barrels, however, do not appear to be rechambered and are marked 1903. This is very confusing.

Jim Watson
August 8, 2010, 05:52 PM
Well, you have the maker and his home town clearly marked.

I don't know about the 1903, just stamping the year is not a German marking convention.

If you mean the bore is .417" and the groove diameter is .422", there is a 10.5x47mm caliber listed in CotW which would handle about a .423" bullet. Going to take a chamber cast to tell for sure.