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Mike Spight
June 2, 1999, 03:04 PM
Well, I sent my $125 in to enter the IDPA Nationals (1-3 Oct 99) which will be held at John Shaw's facility near Tunica, MS. For those not familiar, it's about 30 minutes south of Memphis off I-55.

Anyone else planning to go? If so, we should try to get together...it should be a great time. Sam's Town Casino will be the match HQ and I'll probably stay there. Looking forward to meeting some of you there.

Regards, Mike

Rob Pincus
June 2, 1999, 04:13 PM
I have penciled it in on my calendar.. If I don't have every IDPAer in this part of the country mad at me for complaining about what I perceive as imperfections in the execution of the IDPA concept, I'll be there :)....

(awwwww, hell, I'll probly be there anyway... ;))


June 2, 1999, 04:24 PM
Good deal Rob...glad you're coming, we will need somebody to post targets.

Hold the mover up real high so we can all see it real good...


June 5, 1999, 11:38 AM
Mike, I'll be there. I've shot the first 2 so I don't want to miss one now. (There's a picture of me at the 1998 Nats on page 32 of the new American Handgunner.) I had a lot of fun at the first 2.
Rob, We're not mad at you. We're just trying to help you see the light. I've followed your thread here and on another board about your first match, etc. The point shooting is very interesting. Would you be interested in point shooting the entire match to see how pointing vs sighting will work out? I can't get good hits when I point. I need to use my sights. If this is a good technique then I want to learn it. BILL

Rob Pincus
June 6, 1999, 01:08 AM
Bill, I Did point shoot the entire match. NExt time I will remove my sights beforehand, so that there is no doubt in anyone's mind

June 6, 1999, 07:45 PM
Rob, I was talking about the Nationals. That way I will get to watch. I've heard a lot about point shooting but I just can't seem to get as good hits without using sights. I don't want to miss out on any way to improve my shooting. Bill

June 7, 1999, 11:32 AM
And a fine job Bill did of shooting the first two Nationals. They whole trip is really alot of fun and commraderie. Joyce

Rob Pincus
June 7, 1999, 05:16 PM
yeah, that is why I am going to go, fun and comradery.. Shooting instruction may be available at some other time though.. :-)

Bill, you should come to the IMCS event in Ohio at the end of the month.. we can point shoot there.

June 7, 1999, 08:15 PM
Rob, Tell me more about the match in Ohio. I think I remember reading about it here. Is it in the western part of the state? When is it? Thanks, Bill

Rob Pincus
June 7, 1999, 08:57 PM

That site has the basic info.. it is in the South Eastern part of the state, actually Due South of Columbus.

If you check the site tonight, please visit again tomorrow, I am going to be updating the sponsors, prizes, and events section to reflect some very interesting additions.



June 8, 1999, 08:16 PM
Rob, Thanks for the info. I have family obligations that weekend. Besides I have never shot sporting clays in my life. Bill