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Al Norris
June 3, 2008, 07:25 PM
A few words on cut-n-paste threads/posts and drive-by threads/posts in general.

What's the definition of a drive-by post?

One that is devoid of substance ("+1" anyone?).
One that attempts to advance an agenda without intelligent back-up.
One that has no intelligent content.

What's the definition of a cut-n-paste post (another form of a drive-by)?

One that contains a link and no meaningful commentary on the link.
One that contains a sentence or two from an article (cut-n-pasted) and no commentary on the article. Entire articles are banned by TFL's copyright policy.
One that contains both a link and a sentence or two from an article, but has no commentary.

The above applies equally to individual posts within a thread, or to the starting post of a thread itself.

When all you do is to cut-n-paste an entire article, you are violating someones copyright. Post only 1 (one) paragraph of the article (at most, 3 or 4 sentences). Include the link to the original article and summarize why the article is meaningful.

Copying an entire article may set you up for a copyright violation, and subsequent court costs. It may also cause TFL to be sued. So don't do it.

Do not simply post a link and expect anyone to know why you posted the link or why it is relevant to the thread. You leave it up to those that post any thoughts as to what direction the thread takes or what you meant by the post. Each person will necessarily have a different take on what they think the thread/post is about.

Remember, the Opening/Originating Post (OP) must contain a summary of what the link is about and should also contain some opinion by the OP in order to start a discussion in a specific direction.

When making a post in an ongoing thread, please explain how your link/article is relevant to the thread. What may be self evident to you, does not mean others will find it so. Failure to do this will get your post deleted.

Expecting people to follow your link or read the article, without any remarks by you, and discussing the event, shows an utter lack of respect for the rest of the members here at TFL, who have come to expect intelligent conversation. In other words, it is rude.

Therefore, without some guidance from you, you are leaving it up to any passing mod to make the determination as to what's on topic and what isn't.

Posts and thread starters that do not follow this rule may find that their posts/threads have disappeared. Repeat offenders will be shown the door.