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May 14, 1999, 11:44 PM
Last Sunday I made it to an IDPA match in Copley, Ohio. Good match with 4 stages. All practical and educational.
Wednesday evening shot in a local club "Practical Defensive Pistol" match in South Amherst, Ohio. Again a good match.
This evening I shot at another club match at the Erie County Conservation Club. Centerfire handguns for one stage and .22 handguns for another. Again, a good match. Tomorrow morning I'm going to the Ashland Lake Gun Club for an IDPA classifier match. And Sunday to Milan, Ohio for a bowling pin shoot.
The old Dillon is getting a workout lately. I'm lucky to be living so close to these clubs. I keep trying to support the sport even as our rights are being taken away.
I'm gonna shoot until they take the guns from me, or I'm underground.
Keep shooting.

May 15, 1999, 10:19 PM
I went to the Ashland Lake Gun Club IDPA Classifier match today. The weather was beautiful and I believe there were about 45 new shooters that went through the 90 round, three stage match. The club did a really decent job trying to handle that many shooters in an expeditious manner. (Imagine, over 4,000 rounds fired and no one got hurt! That's not news though.)
They put on a feed afterwards and everyone seemed to enjoy the day.
Next Sunday they will have a regular IDPA match.
This is a good place to shoot.