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Rob Pincus
May 4, 1999, 09:51 PM
Okay, I;ve been talked into going to a IDPA shoot this weekend. A guy I train with has gone twice while I;ve been out of town over the last few weeks and he has convinced my to go with him on Sunday.

What he is not clear on (and neither is the IDPA site) is what guns I need to bring. I really don't feel like cross referencing the limited lists on the IDPA site, so maybe a TFL member can help me out.

From what I can see there are five classes, SSP, ESP, CDP, SSR, and BU.

I want to shoot the main division (SSP ?) with my G23 or G35. If the G35 will fit in SSP, is there another class for the G23 ??

The IDPA site says I can shoot BU with the GLock 30, which seems like cheating, but if they'll let me, I will.

If I have a Custom 1911 Caspian that seems to fit in CDP, but it is a .40 not a .45... where can I shoot it? (ESP?)

I have a S&W model 19 or a Ruger Speed Six for the Revolver class.

Among the other guns that I might like to shoot are the following:

EAA Witness 10mm
S&W Shorty .40
S&W .40Limited (with extended mag release & mag guide)
Sig P228
HK USP .45 full size
Taurus PT99
S&W 642
Glock 20
Glock 34

Perhaps someone could draw me a clear picture of where each of the guns mentioned above fit. That way I can gauge the best approach to shooting as many classes as possible on Sunday.



Greg Melcer
May 4, 1999, 10:29 PM
The IPDA rules are pretty simple when you're dealing with unaltered guns. They're really just broken down by caliber/action type/modifications.

There are some oddities along the way. You can shoot your G35 in SSP with its extended mag release and slide release. But if you put either of those parts on your G23, you're in ESP. If you leave your G23 totally stock except for a stainless guide-rod, you're in ESP.

Your Caspian will be in ESP since it's a .40.
Shorty .40 - SSP
.40 Limited - ESP
Sig 228 - SSP
HK .45 - CDP
Taurus - SSP
G20 - CDP
Witness 10mm - CDP (I think)

If you shoot more than 2 divisions, you'll be changing holsters an awful lot.

Rob Pincus
May 4, 1999, 10:55 PM
Thanks Greg, but you say that if I put certian parts on my 23 I'm in ESP, you also say if I leave it stock I am in ESP.. Which is it if it is stock? I assume SSP ?

In that case, can I shoot either the 35 in ESP??

If So, it looks like I'll shoot:

ESP Glock 35
SSP Glock 23
CDP HK USP or Witness 10mm
Revolver Ruger Speed Six
BU Glock 30

My friend shot 3 classes both times he went, he said it was no big deal to go through the course several times...


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Greg Melcer
May 4, 1999, 11:46 PM
Sorry, should have been a little clearer. Technically, a box stock G23 will be in SSP. Putting in a extended release or a steel guide rod will put you in ESP.

The G35 is technically in SSP, since the extended releases are factory installed parts. Put in a steel guide rod and you have an ESP gun.

Confusing, yes?

Something else that isn't especially clear is that frame mods for the Glock, such as Robar's grip reduction, will put an otherwise stock Glock into ESP. Cutting cocking serations on the front of the slide will do the same.

Most other guns are more cut and dried when it comes to the divisions. Glocks are easily accessorized and you can easily move into another division without knowing it. Not that it's that big a deal in the normal weekend match, but it can become an issue for classifiers, state matches, etc.

May 5, 1999, 06:30 AM
Be careful Rob, you'll get hooked!

You can print the rules out from the IDPA web site and read the equipment section carefully. It sounds complicated at first but makes sense when the IDPA goals are understood. The holster section is the big restriction for most folks.

Practice, join the IDPA, get classified and come to Manchester in October to shoot the Tennessee State Championship Match with us. Our club hosted the first one in 1998 and we were selected for the 1999 as well.

Whatever you do...don't shoot your Caspian in ESP...I shoot MY Caspian 40 cal in that class and I don't need any more competition. (Just kidding)

C'mon down and see us


Mike Spight
May 5, 1999, 09:56 AM

I'm and IDPA member and the stuff still confuses me. All my SIGs are currently box stock, but I can (in theory) shoot my 226 and 229 in ESP as well due to their caliber (.357 SIG and .40 S&W, respectively). The rule book is well written and easy enough for me to understand, but changes are often and rapid. I know you already looked at it, but it can't hurt to print it out, go over it a few times, then take it with you to the match to use as reference when asking questions. Good luck!

Keep your feet and knees together...

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Rob Pincus
May 5, 1999, 10:58 AM
I printed it out last week. I took it with to VA last week and read over it on the plnae. I also went over the list with ashooting buddy up there. I still felt like I could get better answers from you guys than from the rule book.

I am hoping that after a match or two all will become clear and I'll end up explaining the rules to some other newbie in a few months....

Thanks Guys...

(I'm off to the Gunshop to buy an appropriate holster and amg carriers for my USP...)


Greg Melcer
May 9, 1999, 10:31 PM
So Rob--

Did you end up going? If so, how'd you do on your first outing?

Rob Pincus
May 9, 1999, 11:15 PM
It didn't go.... My buddy had the schedule wrong and the shoot is next week.

There was one about three hours away this weekend, but I was at the PD until 1 am Friday night and wasn't about to get on the road at 6 to go shoot.. I woke up much later and shot at home.

I shot at home today too. Me and a buddy improvised some course of fire based on the IDPA website and we shot the same guns. It was a blast.